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In the midst of all things pumpkin spice, over-the-knee boots, apple picking, what could possibly be more fall-esque?

Fall wedding florals.

Not just any fall wedding florals, but florals that come with recommendations by the best of the best, Flowers for Dreams designer Amanda Forgash.

If you are not familiar with Flowers for Dreams, get ready to Pin, Tag, and Follow as they will be your go-to for all things flowers. The company actually began as a college project and today they sell locally crafted flowers to Chicago and Milwaukee with proceeds benefitting local charities.

As you make your fall floral decisions, it can be overwhelming to think through all the moments you want your florals to show up for your big day. From the centerpieces to the bridal party bouquets and don’t forget about the little touches of flowers on the gift table, delicately placed around cocktail hour. It’s a lot. Your florist is your partner-in-crime and armed with a few fall trends, tips and tricks for your meetings, we have you covered.

T r e n d s p o t t e r

When it comes to trends, Forgash draws on multiple sources of inspiration when working on wedding florals, “What's blooming, how that varietal is growing, its natural movement” as well as “Trends happening in the fashion industry, in interior design, in graphic design. With each farm delivery, I'm exposed to new funky seasonal options that inspire fresh color palettes, textures and silhouettes. It's also fun to see what my peers are doing.

Each wedding designer at FFD has honed in on a personal style. I love to observe what choices everyone makes, because they're often different from my own.”

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texture reigns

If you are looking to pinpoint some new and fabulous fall trends, Forgash has some unique ideas.

“For me, Fall floral design is largely about foliage. This is the time of year when you can find greenery types in an array of more unusual hues, including burgundy, red, orange, golden yellow, and copper. I like to incorporate colorful foliage into my designs as a primary element of the color palette -- for example subbing in burgundy leaves in leu of a burgundy flower -- so that foliage is brought to center stage instead of simply complimenting the blooms.”

Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional wedding, the beauty of fall florals is the opportunity to integrate color. Forgash explains,

“As for color palettes, sunset-inspired bouquets of peach, coral, golden mustard, and copper are on my radar for autumn. Dried elements, such as dried fan palms, are having a major moment and contribute a fun texture and silhouette to a softer romantic aesthetic.”

TIMING is key

If there is one thing that is consistent with wedding planning, it’s the need for time. Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, invites and yes flowers, time is needed to properly plan and execute. “I start to conceptualize the design six months to one year out from the wedding date, but it's that one month point when I can get a true sense of what options will be available on their big day.” If you don’t have the luxury of time or have not been able to prioritize flowers, that’s okay too.

As Forgash explains, “Weather patterns have been crazy so it can sometimes be difficult to predict super far in advance.” That doesn’t mean you can leave the flower decisions to the last minute…

Stylish homework

It may seem like an easy question to answer or maybe it’s something you think you know, however, have not quite synthesized it: how would you describe your personal style? How about your style as a couple? Forgash recommends that to prepare for wedding flower meetings and prior to making floral decisions, be able to answer those questions. “If that's something you've never considered, look around your apartment and into your closet: what colors are you drawn to? Are you into patterns or more simple designs?”

During a time of many decisions to be made, vendor meetings, relentless unsolicited opinions, it’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Forgash even recommends a sweet exercise to pause, take a moment and reflect. “I also recommend thinking back to your first date and other monumental moments of your relationship. It can be fun to add personalized touches to your floral elements that symbolize those experiences. For example, if you got engaged in Hawaii, add tropical varietals into your centerpieces.” Now, this is homework we can get behind.

Whether you are at the beginning of wedding planning for next fall or checking off your wedding to-do list for the upcoming fall season, we cannot wait to see your fall florals come to life!

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