Photo by Traumanufaktur.com

Photo by Traumanufaktur.com

Don’t get caught in these all-too-common pre-matrimonial mishaps

There is no greater feeling then checking off items on your wedding ‘to-do list’ and one of the biggest ‘to-dos’ is certainly your wedding invites (besides finding your dress, of course).

Dropping off the stack of freshly sealed and perfectly packaged invites brings your special day just one step closer to being a reality. Your envelopes are the exact Pantone shade as the groomsman’s ties. The wax seal is a custom monogram that you have etched on the signature cocktail glasses and obviously stitched into your groom’s lapel. Fonts used are carried through each moment of the wedding: from the aisle ‘reserved’ sign to the vow book and finishing with ‘thank you’ labels on the mini bottles of champs for each guest.

With every detail in your invites carefully considered, of course there is going to be something you missed. Just when you think it’s perfect, someone points out an error or faux pas (looking at you Great Aunt Cynthia). No fear, we are here to help avoid an awkward phone call, email, text, WhatsApp, DM with a few things to avoid glossing over with your wedding invites. Mostly… so we can help save you from a 30-minute call from Great Aunt Cynthia.

Return to sender: 25% of mail gets returned due to inaccuracy of the mailing address. Yikes! Did you know that sometimes an address is inaccurate because the font (aka a beautiful hand-calligraphy script) is ineligible, has too many spaces or isn’t placed correctly? On top of the 25% of mail being returned, even more is sent back due to insufficient postage. Do yourself a favor and before you leave it up to the mail gods, pop over to the post office and check the mailing weight and address layout with them.

No DRAMA a l l o w e d

Nobody likes drama and guess what: Great Aunt Cynthia might have already told you, pre-invite, that she cannot attend your blissful affair, however, you will absolutely still need to send her that invite. Just as you have put so much time and energy into creating the most fabulous wedding invitation, the physical invite is an extension of your special day.

Even if someone cannot attend, the invite provides an opportunity for them to have a glimpse into the celebration.


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The more information, the better is usually a good rule of thumb for wedding communications. Overshare what the day will bring and possibly avoid last minute crisis texts – except when it comes to sharing registry information. Even if you didn’t have a wedding shower and/or have a preference of physical gifts over monetary gifts, adding your registry information (even if it a fabulous wine registry) to the wedding invite is a no-go. Instead, put your registry information on your wedding website. Or just tell your chattiest of family members, they can spread the word the old fashioned way.

A celebration of are l o v e

See what we did their. Oh shoot, we did it again! Grammar errors, this seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Especially if you are using a graphic design or service, you would think that any grammatical errors would be checked and checked for again. Assume nothing. It’s better to take an extra 10 minutes to review every part of the invite as opposed to having the incorrect zip code on the reception location and a Waze address fiasco ensues.

Not putting a stamp on your reply card

Might as well say: “I don’t care if you get back to me with your RSVP” because guess what, that extra step of having to buy a stamp AND place it on the RSVP envelope…it’s too much for people. You will end up stalking folks for their RSVPs and scrambling for a head count. Even if you didn’t budget for it, do yourself a favor and pop for the paid postage reply envelope and maybe ditch the extra doves that you want to release as you say ‘I do.’



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