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Trivia talks turned first date

Maggie and Jason met by chance through friends and co-workers a random night playing trivia at a local bar. Maggie’s friend and his former co-workers went to trivia to meet up with Jason (her now hubby), and Maggie went to trivia to catch up with her friend from college. As fate would have it, Maggie and Jason ended up on the same trivia team and began the start of their friendship. Despite how admittedly awful Maggie was at trivia, Jason still asked for her number at the end of the night. Fast-forward 3.5 years later, Jason proposed near the river as they were walking to dinner.

the d r e a m y private ceremony

Maggie and Jason had a private ceremony on a beach in Michigan, followed by a large reception with their friends and family at Journeyman Distillery.

Being a more pretty private person, Maggie had never really wanted a wedding so this was their compromise to include all the people they love.

Journeyman Distillery and the surrounding area had always been a getaway place when they need a break from Chicago for a day. It's an area that's pretty special to the couple, and they always knew that they wanted to get married in the area. The couple also hosted a sand dune run the morning of their wedding, which was absolutely perfect!


After four appointments and a day full of wedding gown shopping with her best gals, Maggie knew her top two dresses were at Alice in Ivory. Ready to make the final decision, Maggie booked a second appointment with her mom (!!!) To Maggie’s surprise, the dress she said Y E S to had originally been her second choice, but when she tried it on again at the second appointment, she just knew it was the one. You bet it was, girl.

Ette g i r l

Maggie went to Ette Tailor for alterations and we are so glad you did! They even held her dress until the day they left for their wedding.

a gals gal & a mans man

Maggie’s bridesmaids got to wear whatever dress they wanted! Maggie gave a color spectrum within which to work, and then, basically let them choose from there.

Nothing was off limits -- the dresses could have been short, long, one piece, two piece. Maggie even mentioned she’d be fine with jumpsuits or pantsuits, as long as it was within the color spectrum. Everyone's body types are different and different things work well for different people; it also allowed people to find something that worked within their own budgets.

Jason did the same thing for the groomsmen. Then, to tie the suits together, Jason got matching pocket squares and ties from the Tie Bar for all of the groomsmen.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We are so honored you chose to be an #Alicebride.



Photography by Gabriel Confrey (Rowanoak Studios)

Flowers by The Sodus Blossom

Cake by Black Currant Bakehouse

Hair by Blohaute

Dress by Rue De Seine Bridal + Purchased at Alice in Ivory

Makeup by Rarebird Beauties

Venue by Journeyman Distillery

Alterations by Ette Tailor

Kaylee Archer